Dear Friends,


ProfiSystem for Feldenkrais Method has been with you and for you since 2004.

Together we have managed to increase both the quality and the esthetics of Feldenkrais Method Practitioner’s work in Europe and all over the world.

We are very grateful for this.

We are continuing to work, and now we are getting ready for upcoming changes.

Due to ongoing website maintenance, please contact us (in English, German, French, Spanish) and place orders via e-mail.


Phone: +48601800900

All of our bestsellers are available. We will e-mail you the up-to-date catalogue of our products, along with all current materials and a collection of medical eco leather.

Thank you for your patience.

All the Best!


Marek Juszczak

- the founder of ProfiSystem for Feldenkrais Method, a licensed teacher of the Feldenkrais Method. Physiotherapist, JKA and Child'Space practitioner.